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Amsterdam Rural Forum & 5th NRN meeting

In cooperation with the ENRD (European Network for Rural Development), the Dutch National Rural Network organized The Amsterdam Rural Forum. On the 11th & 12th of May about 150 participants - rural networkers, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists - including many from the EU - worked on re-connecting rural and urban.

The overarching theme of the event was ‘re-connecting’ as reflected in the words of professor Erik Mathijs (keynote speaker) from the Leuven University. “In the transition to a sustainable future, we have to overcome the divides between agriculture and nature, the urban and the rural, the producers and the consumers. In other words, we have to overcome an ecological, an social and a cultural divide”. In several workshops and performances participants discovered how to reconnect these different worlds.

The aim of the event was to highlight different perspectives of rural development and new ways of networking. The examples showcased in several workshops demonstrated how the approach and perspectives of cultural workers and artists can help to re-connect with rural stakeholders.

The working of art was also highlighted in performances: “We, Pig Land” of Lucas Man and Food Cabinet and the POP-up Milk Salon. In addition, there was focus on refugees at the countryside (with a performance of Bright O. Richards). The event was highly appreciated by the participant.

The presentations of every workshop and reports from various parts of the program can be found here.
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